• Send every piece of footage available: even if it’s shaky or out of focus. Sometimes, the only record of a particular event is in otherwise unusable video.
  • Send the final edit of any video package produced.
  • Tell us as much context as possible for the video
    • What was your relationship to the event?
    • What event was taking place?
    • Who was taking the video?
    • When and where was the video shot?
    • What camera was being used?
    • Who are the people pictured?
  • Digital-native video
    • Ideally, send the raw file (MOV, MP4, AVCHD, MXF, DNG)
    • Otherwise, send the image that’s the closest to the original as possible: no processing or editing and as little compression as possible.
  • Film-native video
    • Donate the film directly to the Archive.
    • Otherwise, have it professionally digitized at 4K resolution and send those files.


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