• General guidelines
    • Send every photo you have of a given event, even if it’s blurry or out of focus. In doing research, sometimes the only record of something is in the corner of an otherwise terrible photo.
    • Tell us as much context as possible for the photos
      • What was your relationship to the event?
      • What event was taking place?
      • Who was taking the pictures?
      • When and where were the photos taken?
      • What camera was being used?
      • Who are the people pictured?
  • Digital-native photos
    • Ideally, send the raw image file (DNG, NEF, RAW, etc.) 
    • Otherwise, send the image that’s the closest to the original as possible: no processing, cropping, or size adjustments.
  • Film-native photos
    • Ideally, donate the photos and negatives directly to the Archive.
    • Scan photos at 600 dpi, 24 bit color
    • Send uncompressed TIFF files.
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