• Scan at 300 dpi in 8 bit grayscale.
  • Make sure the contrast adjustment is set so that the writing is clearly visible
  • Multi-page letters should be submitted as PDFs
  • Description
    • Please give the context for the letter.
      • When did you first contact David? What was it regarding?
      • Did you send a recording or a score for him to look at?
        Do you still have it? If so, please include it.
      • Do you still have your letters to him?
        If so, please include them.
      • What was your experience with him?
    • If possible, transcribe the letter into the description.


  • In order of preference:
    • Submit the original document file where possible
      (InDesign, Word, etc.)

      • Make sure to include any supporting files
        (images, fonts, etc.)
    • Print-ready PDF
    • Scan of the unbound program
      (300 dpi, 24 bit color)
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