Accessible Works, Updated Music, and WASBE 2015 Wrap-up

Works for Younger Wind Ensembles

We’ve just posted a two-part series going over David’s more accessible works for wind ensemble. Read part 1, talking about how directors might think about selecting new music and part 2, a listing (in order of difficulty) of works with commentary by David himself.

New Works

Saint Francis (2015) 18′ Grade 5-6 for wind ensemble. (Newly added)

Hosannas (2015) 30′ Grade 5-6 for wind ensemble. (Newly added)

Hymn for World Peace (2014) 12′ Grade 4 for wind ensemble. (Recording added)

Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble (2014) 28′ Grade 5 (Recording added)

Letter to Martin (2015) 25′ for reader, brass quartet, and piano. (Newly Added)

Variants on a Hymn Tune (1994) 5′ Grade 2.5 for solo euphonium and wind ensemble. (Recording, engraved score added)

World Music (2002) 9′ for orchestra (Recording added)

Montana Music: Chorale Variations (1993) 16′ for wind ensemble. (Recording added)

Tears: Montana Music No. 5 (1994) 12′ for bassoon, viola, cello, and piano (Recording added)

A Tuning Piece: Songs of Fall and Winter (1995) 18′ Grade 4 for wind ensemble (Recording and Program Note added)

WASBE 2015


David had three fantastic performances at the 2015 World Association of Symphonic Bands and Ensembles in San Jose, California from July 13-18. On Monday July 13, the Brooklyn Wind Symphony outdid themselves with a stunning rendition of his Concerto for Clarinet and Wind Ensemble. Jeff Hodes was wonderful on clarinet and Jeff Ball directed the group to great success. On Saturday, July 18, the Amador Valley High School wind ensemble with Jonathan Grantham performed On This Bright Morning and the WASBE International Youth Wind Orchestra performed Requiem.


We mounted the first ever booth for Maslanka Press and got a lot of great feedback. It featured a custom iPad app that displayed scores and recordings together, physical scores for all the new works, and a table spread with the new guide for younger wind ensembles.

David Maslanka mans the booth at WASBE 2015 in San Jose.

David Maslanka mans the booth at WASBE 2015 in San Jose.

We’re really proud of the iPad app. Here are some screenshots:


Many thanks to Mark Morette of Mark Custom Recording. As exhibit coordinator for WASBE, he made every effort to support us and make our time there the great success it was. He wrote an article for this site about recording David’s music that we encourage you to check out.

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