David Maslanka (1943-2017)

By |August 7th, 2017|

David Maslanka died during the night of August 6th, 2017 at home. He had been diagnosed with a severe form of colon cancer in June. His wife, Alison, died on July 3rd of this year. He declined rapidly following her passing. He is survived by his children, Stephen, Matthew, and Kathryn.

Accessible Works, Updated Music, and WASBE 2015 Wrap-up

By |July 23rd, 2015|

Works for Younger Wind Ensembles
We’ve just posted a two-part series going over David’s more accessible works for wind ensemble. Read part 1, talking about how directors might think about selecting new music and part 2, a listing (in order of difficulty) of works with commentary by David himself.
New Works
Saint Francis (2015) 18′ Grade 5-6 for wind ensemble. […]

Restoring the Trombone Concerto’s original Hard Mode

By |January 30th, 2015|

In the second movement of David Maslanka’s Concerto for Trombone and Wind Ensemble, there is an extended and demanding technical section from m. 108 to m. 256, about four minutes of nearly continuous playing. It rests in the upper tessitura of the trombone range, mostly between D3 and C4, and alternates between very loud […]

Further notes on Music Performance (1999)

By |April 10th, 2014|

Two quotes from the scientist and philosopher Rene Dubos in his 1962 book The Torch of Life:

“A fully developed human being cannot be thought of as an isolated creature. His or her potential attributes become fully realized only when he or she functions within a social matrix, on which he or she depends, against […]

Dangerous Times (1994)

By |April 5th, 2014|

Remarks given on 29 March 1994 at Michigan State University before a performance of Symphony No. 4
It goes without saying that we live in dangerous times, and that the human family is threatened by forces within itself that it does not understand. Community is shattered, individuals are alienated, hunger, slaughter, and oppression continue and […]