Maslanka Weekly: Best of the Web – No. 102, Recent Performances of Symphony No. 7

Maslanka Weekly highlights excellent performances of David Maslanka’s music from around the web.

David’s works for wind ensemble are some of the most sought after pieces in the repertoire. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, hardly a week went by without a major performance from a conservatory, university, high school, military band, or professional ensemble somewhere in the world. Hopefully we can safely return to playing David’s wind ensemble music soon!

This week, we feature three recent extraordinary performances of Symphony No. 7.

Symphony No. 7

From David’s Program Note:

I am strongly affected by American folk songs and hymn tunes, and I think of this symphony as “old songs remembered.” With one exception all the tunes are original, but they all feel very familiar. The borrowed melody is from the 371 Four-Part Chorales by J.S. Bach. Each song has a bright side and a dark side, a surface and the dream underneath. Each is a signal or call which evokes an inner world of associations.

  1. Sunday night church services from my youth. Mrs. Smith played the piano. The opening piano solo is marked “enthusiastically” in the score. A dream travels to a far place.
  2. In the manner of an American folk song, with a setting that might have come out of the 19th or early 20th centuries.
  3. A ferocious fast music, unrelenting, determined to get a grip on chaos. Toward the end a fractious quote of the Bach Chorale melody “Du Friedensfurst Herr Jesu Christ” (Prince of Peace Lord Jesus Christ).
  4. A simple song of peace and healing.

Watch below as The Diamond Bar High School Wind Ensemble gives a performance from March 15, 2019. Note: These are supposed to be high school students, but we think they are professionals in high school student costumes.

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Watch below as Nipat Kanchannahud leads the Kasetsart University Wind Symphony & Nontri Orchestra Wind in a performance from The 2016 Singapore Band Festival.

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Watch below as Martin H. Seggelke leads the Illinois State University Wind Symphony in a performance from April 26, 2015.

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