In Memoriam

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Project Description

Wind Ensemble
13 min.

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Dallas Wind Symphony, Jerry Junkin, cond.
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Picc Fl-2 Ob-2 EbCl BbCl-2 BCl CbCl Bsn-2 ASx-2 TSx BSx | Hn-4 Tpt-3(in C) Tbn-3 BTbn Euph Tuba DB | Org Pno Timp Perc-4

  • Piccolo
  • Flute (2) *
  • Oboe (2)
  • Clarinet in E♭
  • Clarinet in B♭ (2) *
  • Bass Clarinet in B♭
  • Contrabass Clarinet in B♭
  • Bassoon (2)
  • Alto Saxophone (2)
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Horn in F (4)
  • Trumpet in C  (3) **
  • Trombone (3)
  • Bass Trombone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Double Bass
  • Organ ***
  • Piano
  • Timpani
  • Required Percussion (4 players)
    • Xylophone
    • Suspended Cymbal (1 sm, 2 lg)
    • Chimes
    • Triangle (1 sm, 1 lg)
    • Tam Tam (lg)
    • Marimba
    • Vibraphone
    • Xylophone
    • Snare Drum (2)
    • Glockenspiel (2)
    • Bass Drum (2)
    • Tom Tom (med)
    • Bongo
    • Rin (5) (small Japanese tuned gongs – Crotales may be substituted)
    • Japanese Temple Gongs (4) (small untuned gongs may be substituted)
    • Crash Cymbals
    • Anvil
    • Tenor Drum

* Two first and two second flutes, and three first and three second B♭ clarinets were used in the premiere performance. The work may also be performed with single players on these parts.

** The trumpet parts are written in C. B♭ , D and Piccolo B♭ trumpets can be used with players transposing accordingly.

*** A small electric organ can be used. DX7 or other portable synthesizer may be substituted.

For wind ensembles and concertos, please use one player per part. For symphonies and concert pieces, more players may be used as desired. David’s full statement.

In Memoriam

Susan Eck Lichtenwalter

Commissioned By

The University of Texas at Arlington

Program Note

On March 5, 1988, Susan Eck Lichtenwalter passed away at the age of 44 following a thirteen-month illness. Shortly after her premature death, the students of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma at the University of Texas at Arlington approached her husband, Director of Bands Ray C. Lichtenwalter, expressing their desire to honor her memory by commissioning a major work for the UTA Wind Ensemble and the wind band repertoire. This work by David Maslanka is the result of the students’ expression of love and caring.

A graduate of Westminster Choir College and a life-long participant in church music as an organist and choir director, Susan’s life exemplified her unswerving Christian faith and her commitment to music as a vehicle for that expression. As a motif for this work, Mr. Maslanka has chosen one of her favorite hymn tunes: “Wer nur den lieben Gott lasst walten” (“If you but trust in God to guide you”). The chorale prelude setting for organ by J.S. Bach was frequently used in Susan’s musical programming.

The opening declamatory statement of the hymn-tune by the brass and percussion, and then by the full ensemble, sets the stage for a work which dramatically captures the conflict and celebration of human life and emotion. The main body of “In Memoriam” is a large fantasia interweaving variations on the hymn-tune with related thematic material. The quiet conclusion continues the variation process. It offers the listener a sense of peace and strength as expressed in the text of the 17th-century hymn:

If you but trust in God to guide you
And place your confidence in him,
You’ll find him always there beside you,
To give you hope and strength within.
For those who trust God’s changeless love
Build on the rock that will not move.

Program note by Ray C. Lichtenwalter

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