Prelude on a Gregorian Tune

Prelude on a Gregorian Tune 2017-03-13T18:13:55+00:00

Project Description

Young Wind Ensemble
4 min.

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Picc Fl-2 Ob-2 EbCl BbCl-3 EbACl BCl Bsn-2 ASx-2 TSx BSx | Hn-2 Tpt-3 Tbn-3 Euph Tuba | Perc-2

  • Piccolo
  • Flute (2)
  • Oboe (2)
  • Clarinet in E♭
  • Clarinet in B♭ (3)
  • Alto Clarinet in E♭
  • Bass Clarinet in B♭
  • Contrabass Clarinet in B♭
  • Bassoon (2)
  • Alto Saxophone (2)
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
  • Horn in F (2)
  • Trumpet in B♭ (3)
  • Trombone (3)
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Required Percussion (2 players)
    • Glockenspiel
    • Suspended Cymbal (sm)
For wind ensembles and concertos, please use one player per part. For symphonies and concert pieces, more players may be used as desired. David’s full statement.

Program Note

The tune which inspired the Prelude on a Gregorian Tune originated in the Liber Usualis, the traditional book of words and music for Christian services. The music is from a short Responsory.

Christ, Son of the Living God, Have mercy on us

Prelude on a Gregorian Tune evokes the ancient Christian mysticism as found in the music and words of Gregorian chants. This mild and harmonious work is a non-sectarian piece, which emerges as a small ritornello form, ababa.

Program note by David Maslanka


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